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Upcoming Schedule For State Championship

16th Junior
Maharashtra State Netball Championship (Boys & Girls)

15th Senior
Maharashtra State Netball

Championship (Men & Women)

17th Sub-Junior
Maharashtra State 
(Boys & Girls)

16th to 18th September 2022
 Sangamner, Ahmednagar(MH)

16th to 18th February 2024
Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Stadium, Parbhani(MH)

19th to 21st October 2022
Hatkanangale, Kolhapur(MH)

Upcoming Schedule For National Championship

35th Junior
National Netball Championship
(Boys & Girls)

40th Senior
National Netball Championship
(Men & Women)

26th Sub-Junior

National Netball Championship

(Boys & Girls)

24th to 27th Dec 2022
West Bengal

28 Feb to 05 March 2023
R.T.M.N.U Ground, Nagpur


24th to 27th March 2021


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