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Image by Kupono Kuwamura


Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association

Image by Kupono Kuwamura

History of Netball:

This game of Net Ball was invented by Dr. James Naismith a Y.M.C.A. Instructor in America in 1891 and was known at first as “Women Basket Ball”. In 1895 Dr. Toles an America introduced this game to girls of the Physical Education College of Medatopterberg in Hamested in England. In 1960 International Net Ball Association was formed with the representation of eight nations. This association conducted its first tournament in 1963.

Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association :

Dr. Lalit Jiwani, (General Secretary M.A.N.A | Vice-President N.F.I) an enthusiastic sports player  & leader, works towards enabling every individual to explore and enjoy the thrill of Netball through various events.

It gives us immense joy to mention that the Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association is affiliated to the Netball Federation of India (NFI), Maharashtra Olympic Association (MOA), and Recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India. Surely with this association Netball has gained recognition and has boosted the morale of our coaches and players.

Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association has a long way to go. We are faced with lots of challenges from within and outside forces. We have a committed team of Executive Committee members who are giving their time and talent for the Association free of cost. Working selflessly.

We always try our best to promote a safe and fair Netball game without compromising whatever is needed for the smooth functioning of Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association tournaments. We aim to increase the camaraderie among individuals through the medium of Netball while emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

May God Bless Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association for years to come and may our dream come true for the players, coaches of our district, State, and Country with better facilities for the sports and good health.

Long Live Maharashtra Amateur Netball Association.

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